The Benefits of Remote Monitoring

At HiBoost, we pride ourselves on creating products that help keep people connected. Our R&D department is always hard at work to make sure our consumers have high quality signal boosters that are always optimized for the best performance. That’s why all of our new boosters have our remote monitoring software built in.

What Is Remote Monitoring?

HiBoost’s cell phone signal boosters now have remote monitoring available. This enables the user to keep track of their booster’s performance while they are away. All of HiBoost’s cellular boosters have smart technology to adjust their performance as necessary, but our remote monitoring system enables you to keep a closer eye on the booster’s performance from anywhere. Whether you’re a consumer, an installer, involved in building management, renting out an Airbnb, or anything else, you can relax and feel secure knowing you can check your property’s signal booster from anywhere, anytime, with the HiBoost Remote Monitoring System.

Here’s a list of benefits that come with our Remote Monitoring System:

1. Notifications on performance

Weather, disruptions in cellular service, and other factors can negatively impact your booster’s performance. Notifications allow you to easily and conveniently make necessary adjustments to keep your booster’s performance top-notch.

2. Monitor multiple booster systems

Our Remote Monitoring system allows you to keep track of multiple booster systems. This streamlines troubleshooting across multiple properties or large office buildings or apartments with multiple boosters installed.

3. Uplink and Downlink Control

Our Remote Monitoring System allows you to easily change uplink and downlink values in real time.

4. Even Easier Installation

The Remote Monitoring System allows you to adjust and monitor signal levels before, during, and after installation. Helping you with installation, troubleshooting, and your headaches.

5. Remote On/Off switch

Our remote monitoring system allows you to have a virtual on/off switch for each RF band.

6. Compatible with all HiBoost Pro, Commercial, and Industrial Boosters

Works with all professional grade HiBoost cell phone signal boosters, and will be included with all future products!

7. Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and Cellular Data compatible

We’ve given you different options for how to connect your remote

monitoring system, making installation easier and allowing the operator to use what works best for them. Our Remote Monitoring System also works with AT&T SIM cards.

8. Bonus!

If you’re an installer or the operator of multiple booster systems, you can offer our remote monitoring system as another add-on service for your clients to choose.



We at HiBoost always strive to provide you with the utmost in quality and price. Got questions? Call us today for more information about our remote monitoring system and cell phone signal boosters.

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