Hotspot Boosters: The Solution to Slow Hotspots

It’s pretty fair to say that we’ve grown pretty accustomed to having access to Wi-Fi in the environment around us. From the house to the car to work to our favorite restaurants and hangouts, we’re used to the convenience of being connected. Public Wi-Fi isn’t always available though, that’s why mobile hotspots are becoming so popular.  As they rise in popularity so does the need for a hotspot booster. There are all sorts of portable units available for sale: MiFi, Cradlepoint routers, USB internet sticks, Jetpack, etc, but whatever kind you choose to use, they’re basically all the same product providing the same kind of service. (For more information on mobile Wi-Fi hotspots check out this article.) Another similar option available is to tether your laptops or mobile devices to your phone.

One of the great advantages of using a mobile hotspot is that instead of relying on public Wi-Fi, you can have your own secure network to access, and you can share access with friends, family, or colleagues within about a 30′ radius. While there are steps you can take to stay safe when using public Wi-Fi, using a personal mobile hotspot keeps your data far safer. They’re also great for traveling, or as a backup if your ISP has issues and the network goes down. 

The Issue with Hotspots

The potential to be able to connect online almost anywhere is a great convenience, and the market for these products is only expected to keep growing.

In fact, the first 5G device to be released by AT&T will be a hotspot. 

However, they have one big flaw:

Your hotspot Wi-Fi is only going to be as good as the cellular signal you’re getting.

If the signal is strong, your mobile hotspot will be able to provide you with connections as good and fast as the regular Internet. When 5G rolls out, cellular data is expected to be faster than even the best fiber network now. This technology is getting closer and closer, but it still isn’t quite here yet. In the meantime, if you’re in a position where you are having to use cellular data for Internet access, then your data speeds are only going to be as good as your received cellular signal from local networks. When the signal is shoddy, you’re more likely to experience interruptions and delays in your service, leaving you stuck like this:

Monkey having trouble with a computer,

You’re also going to need to take into account the factor that your data isn’t free. All the major carriers are going to charge for the precious data that powers your hotspot, and the rates can get pretty steep.

So despite all the advances in hotspot technology, it isn’t always an ideal replacement for home broadband. Some carriers such as T-Mobile do offer unlimited data deals for hotspots, however, they’ll still throttle you if you use more than what they deem is your fair share in a month.

For these reasons, we think that hotspots should be relegated to just a solution to use on the go or in cases of emergency. They’ll help keep your information private and off public Wi-Fi and typically provide you faster Wi-Fi than a public network.

A Quick and Easy Solution to Improve Your Hotspot

Some hotspots have attachments for additional external antennas. While you might need to use an adaptor to attach these antennas if you’re willing to jump through those few hoops you can boost your hotspot speeds.

Hotspot routers are even easier as they typically have antenna ports already included after manufacturing. You can easily add external antennas to improve your hotspot. Information for adding an antenna like this should be included in any user manual that comes with the hotspot.

The Best Solution… a Hotspot Booster

Your first option and perhaps the simplest is to simply move where your hotspot currently is.  Much like how your cell phone works you might need to simply move around to get better reception to your hotspot. Follow the simple tips you would to get a call to go through. Try placing your hotspot by a window or another area of the house with thinner outer walls. Also, an upper floor could have better reception so try moving your hotspot upstairs if you can.

If that doesn’t work than you might need a hotspot booster from HiBoost and is the perfect way to reach those speeds you’re looking for. Hotspot signal boosters (also called cell phone signal boosters) will increase your cellular signal indoors. It works by installing an antenna on the roof of the building to pull in available cell signal from nearby cell towers. That signal is then sent along a coaxial cable to the booster, which amplifies it and then redistributes the signal via an indoor antenna or antennae.

It also works in reverse, amplifying signals from cell phones and other mobile smart devices to retransmit that now amplified signal back to the tower. We make all kinds of hotspot boosters for travel, home, office, commercial and industrial use. HiBoost makes the most versatile boosters on the market. We guarantee that all of our boosters will work with any carrier and their entire 3G and 4G LTE networks.

Which Hotspot Booster is Right For Me?

HiBoost makes hotspot boosters that fit in almost every application you can imagine. Here’s a quick rundown of some common problems and a booster that is made to solve that problem.

Mobile Hotspot Boosters

Most people that use hotspots take them on the go. This is an easy way to make sure that they have Wi-Fi wherever they are. If your hotspot isn’t getting a consistent cellular signal than the Wi-Fi it produces will be slow and ineffective.

If you are a traveling hotspot user the HiBoost Travel 4G is the perfect hotspot booster for you.  The Travel 4G is easy to install and capable of keeping your hotspot connected even when you are traveling no matter how off the beaten path you get.

You can even use our upgraded Over the Road (OTR) Antenna to provide increased signal speed and coverage. While this device gets the most out of RV and trucks usage many users also mount them on their cars for the superior boost it provides.

When installing your vehicle hotspot booster it is usually best to put the booster and the hotspot close to the center of the vehicle to ensure that the signal evenly distributes throughout the entire vehicle.

Home Hotspot Boosters

If you are using your hotspot at home but need to get an improved signal there are a few different hotspot boosters that could be used.

For smaller homes and apartments the HiBoost 4K Smart Link provides a significant boost to cellular signal and thus hotspot strength that will provide a strong Wi-Fi boost throughout a small building or set of rooms. If you are receiving particularly poor outdoor signal (only 1 to 2 bars) it might be best to look at some of our more powerful options though.

For mid-size homes, the HiBoost 10K Smart Link provides a superior boost to a larger area.  The 10K Smart Link is ideal for cellular signal issues that affect many suburban homes and is often powerful enough to help homes in rural settings that are still receving average outdoor cellular coverage.

For large homes that need boosted Wi-Fi throughout the whole home, a HiBoost 15K Smart Link is the perfect solution. The 15K Smart Link is the most powerful residential cellular signal booster meaning you’re hotspot Wi-Fi will be blazing fast and your cell service will also be drastically improved.

When installing your hotspot booster in a building it is typically best to put the indoor antenna near the location of the hotspot itself. This ensures that it is receiving the strongest signal from the booster.

Hotspot Booster Installation

Hotspot booster installation is quick and easy. For a quick guide on how to install a HiBoost hotspot booster watch this video.

HiBoost makes cellular solutions for all sort of needs. So no matter what yours are, HiBoost can help boost your cellular signal and your productivity. Our boosters work with all US carrier hotspots (AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint, etc.) and all cellular devices. Unlike your cellular carrier, there are no monthly fees associated with a hotspot booster, nor does it actually need to be set up to a regular internet service to be able to operate.

All of our boosters come with a 3-year warranty and a 30-day money back guarantee. If you’re dealing with slow or unreliable cellular data with your hotspot, contact our HiBoost office and we’ll be happy to help you figure out which booster is best for your needs.

4 thoughts on “Hotspot Boosters: The Solution to Slow Hotspots”

  1. I use my hotspot for almost all my internet needs because my provider is so slow, especially when the kids are watching netflix and youtube videos too. I might have to try one of these hotspot boosters though because it can be hard getting signal in some parts of the house.

    1. You really should. My hotspot is way faster, its great for when everyone else is using up all the bandwidth. My kids get to watch Netflix on our home Wi-Fi and I can get my work done on the hotspot Internet now that it’s boosted.

  2. Thanks for the article. Very informative, I’ve been using hotspots while I travel for work for years now and while they help out so much especially when you don’t know what kind of Wi Fi you’re going to get at the hotel or airport. Maybe I’ll have to get a hotspot booster too to make mine a bit faster.

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