Giving AV a Boost: The AV Industry and Cell Phone Signal Boosters

The audiovisual industry often referred to as AV industry, has grown increasingly as digital components replace traditional analog ones. Every place you go, from your home to your office to your local McDonald’s (digital menus, anyone?), bars, concert venues, all sorts of traditional media forms are replaced by AV components. The AV industry has grown into partnering with security systems, cloud data services, managed services, and other verticals that demand connectivity.


Audiovisual equipment

The Future of AV

In particular, the use of technology at home is driving the necessity for connectivity and access to data at work as well as other places. Some see this as the harbinger of a day when AV and IT are no longer separate industries, but inseparable. In fact, in an article from, Chuck Wilson, the executive director of the National Systems Contractors Association (NSCA), said the biggest trend is the “continued blurred lines between AV and IT.” The goal, he said, was focused on developing “more interoperability and network standards for seamless integration.” Amen to that. Don’t we all want everything running as smoothly as possible? Some experts such as Joey D’Angelo disagree, however, and see both industries diverging. However, whichever theory wins out, the fact is that in an age of mixed AR and VR, security systems, collaborative and remote conferencing and workers, and as well as growing demand for cell phone coverage for employee and public convenience and safety means that many AV installers and integrators are finding themselves becoming VARs (value added re-sellers) of cell phone signal boosters. 

Boosters Benefit AV Installers

The benefits of adding cell phone signal booster installation are numerous. For AV installers who are already running wires and cabling, cell phone signal boosters are an easy add-on service to offer. More and more, the client demands of AV are solutions to fit the space they’re in. For some, this means custom built designs will no longer be the norm, as more clients look for box solutions as a more cost-effective means of having AV installed. Cell phone signal boosters help enhance AV (and IT) by providing better cell phone service indoors. For businesses that have a BYOD (bring your own device) policy, this is ideal, since employees who use their own devices to work tend to be more productive. Cell phone signal boosters like ones from HiBoost are carrier agnostic, allowing employees the freedom of choosing mobile and smart devices that work best for them because they will connect to any network (AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint). In addition, stable cellular access means less likelihood of security breaches.

It’s More Than Cellular Communication

Better indoor signal also helps physical security as well as cyber security; in case of an emergency, access to cell phone signal becomes even more important, especially in areas where it traditionally unavailable, such as parking garages, stairwells, and elevators. On the communications side, with the trend in businesses and working environments to place more effort on collaboration, cell phone signal boosters become important primary or secondary access to data in cloud storage or for video conferencing, especially when working remotely or those with flexible office hours. When automation and M2M is concerned, cell phone signal boosters can also increase that capacity, making M2M communications faster and more reliable. Cell phone signal boosters are far cheaper to install than DAS solutions and don’t require the red tape and one to two year approval wait times needed for DAS.  For installation in large areas, such as concert venues, bars, or other businesses that need cellular access not just for employees but for public use as well, this can mean the difference between landing an installation job or losing one.

Choose HiBoost

Whether for home entertainment, business, education, or anywhere else, the solutions the AV industry provides for their clients is one of seamless interoperability between humans and the technology we use daily. Cell phone signal boosters are easily installed and are a great value added product AV integrators can offer to clients looking for better connectivity. If you’d like to know more about the benefits of partnering with HiBoost for cell phone signal booster solutions, contact our office for more information.

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