Finding the Nearest Cell Phone Towers : 2019 Update

Cell phone towers are the most integral piece of infrastructure for a cellular network. As networks improve and more towers are put up signal improves and we get better cellular coverage everywhere.

But as we know even when towers are close we can experience signal problems because of obstructions or other issues. But still knowing the locations of these towers is the most important way to begin improving your cellular reception.

How to Find The Nearest Cell Phone Tower

We’ve briefly mentioned a couple of ways to find cell phone towers nearby when installing your booster, but it deserves to be examined a little bit more, so here we are. There are a few ways to find out, and most of them are free! Obviously, when we’re talking about boosting your bars, we’re really talking about amplifying your carrier’s signal from your local carriers cell tower site.

Cell phone towers

First Make Sure Your Carrier Is Covering Your Area

While it is usually safe to assume that your carrier is covering most of where you’ll be, especially if you’re using one of the major national carriers. But as we can all attest to there are definitely places that they at the very least could improve their coverage or overhaul it completely. Some areas still aren’t even covered, though those are few and far between.

If you want to quickly check your carrier’s coverage areas just check their maps and input your zip code or address.

AT&T’s Map

Verizon’s Map

T-Mobile’s Map

Sprint’s Map

Now that you know your carrier’s coverage area you can move on to the next step. Finding that nearby cell tower covering your area.

Find Your Carrier’s Nearest Cell Phone Tower

Knowing where your tower is and what direction it lies from your house is going to help give you a more accurate picture of where you should be placing and pointing your outdoor antenna when you’re installing your booster. While going this extra step might not be necessary for some, for those who have really poor signal outdoors this can make all the difference in really getting a better result from a signal booster kit. This is especially true of Yagi-style antennas, which are pulling in a signal from a narrower band (instead of omnidirectional antennas that pull from all directions). 

These directional antennas are important because they are able to refine a weak signal much better than an omnidirectional antenna. They are able to filter out noise, interference, and are capable of focusing the signals of distant or weaker towers much more.

At HiBoost we recommend that if you are only receiving between 1 or 2 bars and looking to boost your signal indoors you use a directional antenna to ensure you get a satisfactory end solution.

Finding The Nearest Cell Phone Tower Online

This is the simplest thing you can do. There are some great online resources just for finding cell phone towers. Here are a few of them:

Simply type in your zip code or city and state into the search tool on Cell Reception and it will bring up a Google Map with the locations of towers in the area. You can narrow it down by carrier too.  While it isn’t a perfect resource it is one of the most comprehensive because they access the FCC database of cell towers.

If you want an additional way to confirm your data speeds are faster after installing one of our boosters, this app is a great way to do that. Simply test the cellular data speeds before installing the booster and afterward.

You can also try, which is a more comprehensive option. It doesn’t just identify cell towers but TV and radio station towers as well. This is generally a tool one of our professional installation partners would use. I personally found this a bit too much but it’s still definitely a useful tool to check with if you are trying to be thorough.

Using an App to Find the Nearest Cell Phone Tower

You can also use my personal favorite, Open Signal. It has an excellent app available for Androids and iPhones to help you find local Wi-Fi, cell towers, and you can speed test your Wi-Fi and your cellular data. It allows you to narrow the search by carrier coverage, and/or by 2G/3G or 4G LTE coverage. This an ideal cell phone tower locator, if you are currently struggling to both, find the nearest tower or an up to date map of all cell phone towers around you.

Using Your Device to Find the Nearest Cell Phone Tower

In this case, we aren’t just talking about using Google on your phone to find the tower. There is a (not very scientific) way to find the nearest cell phone tower just by using your phone.

So as we have discussed before there are a few things you need to understand about interpreting signal on your phone. First, the bars you see at the top of the screen are NOT an accurate way to describe your signal. For the best success with this method you should use field test mode to read the decibels of signal you are receiving not the bars. For a quick quide on how to do that check out our other post about field test mode.

Once you’re able to see the decibels on your phone you can check each area of your house for the best signal. Then you should also check the strength by walking the outside of your house. Make sure to take your time as the phone takes time to communicate with the cell phone tower, so walk slowly. Once you’ve determined which areas of your home are getting the best signal you can roughly determine the direction of the closest cell phone tower.

As we warned above this is extremely unscientific and if you try and use this method you won’t be able to find some crucial details. Some of the most important things to understand that you won’t be able to determine will be any geographical obstructions, the exact distance from your home to the tower, and the different carriers using the cell phone tower.

Now That You Know Where the Cell Tower Is What Should You Do?

Well if you’re struggling to get cell phone signal you probably aren’t satisfied with just knowing where the nearest cell phone tower is. You need to boost that signal.

The best way to do that is with a HiBoost cell phone signal booster. Our line of residential and commercial boosters are capable of taking even the weakest cell phone signals and boosting them to keep you connected. If you’re already getting good signal outdoors but struggling to bring it indoors a Home 4K could provide you the perfect amount of signal to solve your signal woes, but for those that are really struggling a Home 15K will take that weak signal and really amp it up.

Just a Few Final Thoughts

It’s also a good recommendation to contact your carrier and check with them as to the location of their towers, which would also be a good time to register your boosting device with them. They will also be able to tell you if the tower near you is in good repair or needs maintenance that may be affecting your signal. 

If you need any additional support or help with your booster, please don’t hesitate to contact our office for help. We are happy to provide any technical support at (972) 870-5666 Monday through Friday 9 A.M. to 6 P.M. central standard time.

3 thoughts on “Finding the Nearest Cell Phone Towers : 2019 Update”

  1. I tried using Cell and it’s saying that there are a bunch of towers all clustered on top of each other. Like it’s saying there’s an AT&T tower, a Verizon tower, and a T-Mobile tower literally on top of each other. That can’t be right, right?

    1. Carson,

      This is entirely possible, cell phone towers are expensive to operate and it’s pretty common for carriers to lease on the same tower to make it cheaper. So don’t be surprised if multiple carriers are using the same cell tower location.

  2. Thanks for the help finding my nearest Verizon tower. Such a frustrating thing but at least it isn’t very hard when you get some good instructions.

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