Every Business Needs a Cell Phone Signal Booster

Businesses provide many services to keep their customers satisfied and coming back. As customer needs evolve it has become evident that one of the most important things a business can offer is good cell phone reception. This applies to businesses in industries ranging from hospitality to banking to entertainment. All businesses are beginning to need cell phone signal boosters to ensure they provide sufficient customer service and allow for their own workers to be productive.

Signal Boosters For the Hospitality Industry


Man using cell phone in hotel.


The hospitality industry is one that has always been extremely reliant on customer service. Before the Internet word of mouth reviews could make or break a restaurant or a hotel, but nowadays with services such as Yelp, these reviews have become one of the most critical aspects of doing business.

The bottom line is when customers are spending extended periods of time in your hotel or bar they expect to be connected to their social and professional networks. This can be seen best by the trends on sites such as Yelp that has consistently shown that cell phone signal is a major factor in customer satisfaction.

Using a HiBoost cell phone signal booster can improve cellular receptions for all of your customers. Our broadband boosters will make sure that every customer on every carrier receives coverage. Whether they use AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, or Sprint and use their 3G or 4G LTE networks.

Cell Phone Boosters For Financial Institutions


Mobile banking


Customers in banks and other financial institutions are often in the middle of hectic days. When they come into your business the last thing they expect or need is a disconnection from their coworkers, clients, or families.

Not only does a cell phone signal booster provide better customer service to those in a financial institution. They also provide increased speeds to devices that rely on machine to machine communication such as ATMs. This coupled with the online trends in the banking industry has driven an increased reliance on mobile communication.

This is where a cell phone signal booster can help any bank or other financial institution. Our patented broadband technology works with all of the major North American carriers, AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint. Including not only all of their 3G and 4G networks, but also the upcoming 5G frequencies.

Cell Phone Boosters For Stadiums and Other Venues


Using a cell phone at a concert.


Similar to the Internet, radio waves only have a set amount of bandwidth that can be used. Often when stadiums or venues fill up the number of people connected and using their mobile devices. This puts significantly more stress on the networks than they are typically designed to handle, causing issues from poor call quality to complete lack of coverage.

Every visitor at a venue from sports fans to concertgoers expects to be able to get in touch with those they came to the event with and nowadays they expect to be able to post videos and pictures to social media to recount the event. Any venue not providing that basic service will begin to see frustrations from their customers and fans similar to SEC school students and alumni attending sporting events. It wasn’t until these schools began installing cellular reception solutions that fan complaints died down.

HiBoost cell phone signal boosters are perfect solutions for large buildings such as stadiums. Our line of industrial boosters provide superior coverage and provide maximum signal boosts for all carriers and 3G and 4G networks.

Signal Boosters in Apartments


Apartment signal booster.


When looking for a new apartment or home one of the most important factors can often be cell reception. Just like electricity, gas, and water tenants are beginning to think of cell phone service as a utility that they can’t live without. If you are a property manager or landlord then you need to have good reception on your properties to keep your complex competitive. This will help you not only attract new tenants but keep your current ones happy and renewing their leases.

A commercial or industrial cell phone signal booster for HiBoost is perfect for apartments. As these can have their signal gain split and divided you can easily cover multiple buildings and floors boosting the signal for all of your tenants. This will cover all of the major North American carriers (AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint) and all of their subsidiaries.

Cell Phone Signal Boosters For Commercial and Industrial Purposes

HiBoost has top of the line cell phone signal boosters for all commercial and industrial consumers. After providing many solutions for businesses such as Redwood Credit Union we have a multitude of grateful businesses that are more efficient, more productive, and have happier customers. Learn how your business can improve their cell reception for all carriers (Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint) and their networks by contacting us today.

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