Dude and Dahlia’s Family Adventures

HiBoost is proud to be sponsoring a family adventure by Dude and Dahlia. They will be taking their family (children and nephews and nieces) on a cross-country RV trip from Texas to Alaska. Not only is it going to be a long trip but it’s going to be a full ride with 7 kids, James AKA “Dude”, and his wife Dalia, and their two dogs along for it. This is truly shaping up to be a trip that you can call an adventure.


Dude's Family Adventures RV.


How The Adventure Came to Be

The decision for Dude to take his adventures to the next level came to him in an epiphany. As his children and nieces and nephews homeschool teacher, he realized that he was running out of time before they switched to public school.

In the past Dude had taken them on a multitude of trips across the country to places such as Arkansas, California, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Oklahoma, and numerous ones within their home state of Texas. This meant that he had not only instilled a love for these trips, he had set a pretty high bar.

This is what led to the decision to not just go to Alaska, but to take the scenic route.

Dude's first selfie

Here’s James AKA “Dude” with his wife Dalia.

HiBoost’s Role in The Adventure

During this journey, they will be traveling along long stretches of highway and backroads that will be out of range of cell phone towers. HiBoost is providing  Dude with one of our Travel 4G boosters and our OTR antenna to ensure that they will not only be able to upload logs of their journey but also be able to be connected in case of emergency. The last thing we would want is to have all of the kids and Dalia stranded out in the middle of nowhere.

They expect the adventure to take around 7 weeks during which they will be uploading pictures, videos, and images up on their website, Facebook, and Instagram.

Be sure to follow along for the excitement of an old school road trip.

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