DIWhy Not to Make Your Own Signal Booster

We’ve heard all the complaints about signal boosters, so we understand it’s tempting to try and create a DIY solution. Of course, we have a bit of a bias about why you shouldn’t do this but we’re going to provide you with a few very good (we think) arguments about why you shouldn’t do this.

The Issues With DIY Cell Phone Signal Boosters

Technical Skill

Unless you have an engineering background or are at least a very competent handyman this is going to be a difficult task for you. You have to construct antennas and connect them to coaxial cable without a premade adaptor. This requires technical skills and equipment for things such as soldering to do properly.

Not only that but altering electronics often void any kind of warranty you would have on them. While you might not do anything to your phone some online DIY cell phone signal boosters call for you to create a small antenna to insert into your devices headphone jack like in this picture.



Time Required

Time is often one of the most important resources to consider about any DIY project. With the amount of technical skill involved with making your own cell phone signal booster, it is almost guaranteed to take quite a bit of your time. If you consider your time valuable you should seriously consider the cost of just the time it would take to research and assemble your DIY cell phone signal booster.

Actual Results

The end results of the most common DIY signal boosters are often quite lackluster. You often see gains of just a few decibels which doesn’t amount to even a single bar. It can be extremely frustrating to spend all that time and money on making something only to not have any tangible results.

Choose a HiBoost Cell Phone Signal Booster

HiBoost’s cell phone signal boosters are not a DIY option. We offer specially manufactured equipment guaranteed to boost your cell signal. Our signal boosters are engineered to provide the maximum gain that the FCC will allow for.

Many people are skeptical of cell phone signal boosters and often look for a cheap solution first. This leads to them trying a DIY cell phone signal booster and after it either doesn’t work or works to a very limited degree they incorrectly write off signal boosters entirely. The reason why these products are so expensive is that they are designed by experts to work, and work well. HiBoost offers a 30-day manufacturer warranty that is rarely used because of how often our customers are completely satisfied with their cell phone signal booster.

Not only do we make our signal boosters to the highest manufacturing standard, we also make them simple to install. We firmly believe that all of our residential and commercial customers should be able to perform self-installations. This is why we provide kits that contain everything that is needed for a DIY signal booster installation. Our easy to understand step-by-step instructions, LCD Displays, and excellent US based technical support makes a DIY signal booster installation quick and easy.

Choosing to purchase a HiBoost cell phone signal booster will provide the best solution for almost all cell phone signal issues.

2 thoughts on “DIWhy Not to Make Your Own Signal Booster”

  1. I was really looking for a free solution but after looking at some of the DIY guides for a booster online I came across this article. I have to say that you might be right, it seems like way too much work. If I do decide to get a HiBoost booster what is the return policy like in case it doesn’t work too?

    1. Arthur,

      HiBoost offers a 30-day 105% money back guarantee coupled with a 3-year manufacturer warranty. We staunchly believe in our products and we are sure that you’ll be satisfied, let us know if you have any further questions at info@hiboostusa.com or 972-870-5666.

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