Cell Phone Signal Boosters for Cabins

A cabin.

The scenic mountain cabin is a sanctuary. Many choose to move to one or simply vacation in them to escape the stresses of the busy city life. But how off the grid is too off the grid?

Despite the fact that you just left town to get away from all the notifications most people still expect at least a modicum of connection. You have to be prepared for emergencies and maybe to post a few amateur photos of that mountain view.Cabin in the woods that could use a cell phone booster.

So What Are The Solutions?

Wait For Your Carrier to Expand

You can always play the long game and wait for one of the major carriers to expand into the area. Over time they almost certainly will, the question is just how long will it take.

If you have a decade and you’re located in a quickly growing area it’s pretty safe to say that you’ll be getting better reception sooner rather than later. But you have to remember that AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, and T-Mobile decide where to build that next tower based on the amount of money they can make on it. So the bottom line is that unless your quiet little town is growing quickly it won’t register as an emerging market that needs to be served by a carrier.

A HiBoost Cell Phone Signal Booster

For those that either can’t wait or can be fairly certain that they won’t be getting an infrastructure upgrade anytime soon, one can always take matters into their own hands. In this case, that means getting a cell phone signal booster.

A HiBoost cell phone signal booster is a common solution to many’s signal woes. Our boosters are able to take even weak cell signals and bring them into your cabin or cottage.

The booster itself works in 3 simple to understand steps:

  1. 1. The outdoor antenna captures the weak signal

  1. 2. The signal is brought indoors through a low-loss coaxial cable to the booster itself where it gets strengthened and amplified

3. The stronger signal is then sent to the indoor antenna through more low-loss coaxial cable where it is transmitted throughout your cabin

It is important to understand that there is one major drawback to a signal booster.

A cell phone signal booster cannot create its own signal. There must be a signal for it to boost.

While this is not typically a major issue for most of our customers we have encountered this before. It can be potentially overcome with the careful use of a strong directional antenna, we will go into further depth on that in just a bit.

One Last Thing

Before we move on to selecting a booster that best fits your needs. First thing is to get an accurate gauge on the amount of signal you are actually getting. One thing that needs to be established first is that your bars are not a reliable measure of signal strength. While they can be used to reach a general understanding of how much signal you are receiving you need to find out the decibels you are receiving to properly understand how to solve your issue.

To do this you need to access field test mode.  Field test mode provides you the decibel reading and shows exactly how strong your signal is removing any guesswork.

Accessing this is different for each device but one of our vendors RepeaterStore.com has a great (and short) guide. After you find their guide you use these parameters to determine how different amounts of signal can be interpreted.

  • Very Good: Between -50 to -89 decibels
  • Good to Average: 90 to -99 decibels
  • Average to Poor: -100 to -114 decibels
  • No Signal: Less than -115 decibels

Which Signal Booster is Best For Your Cabin?

HiBoost 4K Smart Link

HiBoost Home 4K Signal Booster for Cabins

The HiBoost 4K is one of the best signal boosters to use for many considering getting a boost for their cabin or cottage. The 4K is both cost efficient and powerful enough to adequately provide a boost for the majority of residents struggling to get reception in remote areas.

While the Home 4K is our recommended booster it is not HiBoost’s most powerful residential booster. If you are receiving less than -95 dB the Home 4K might not be able to provide full service throughout your cabin.

HiBoost 15K Smart Link

HiBoost Home 15k Signal Booster for Cabins

The HiBoost 15K Smart Link is the most powerful booster for any residential cell phone signal issue. The 15K is powerful enough to boost even the smallest amount of signal up to three, four, or even five bars.

While it is a more pricey solution the 15K will be able to connect users that are facing the more serious signal problems, especially if paired with a powerful directional antenna.

Travel 4G LTE

HiBoost Travel 4G

The Travel 4G LTE is maybe not the first thing you would think of when trying to select a booster for a cabin. Because as you might have realized a cabin is not a vehicle. That being said the Travel 4G can serve a dual purpose that can both boost the signal in your vehicle and cabin when in a pinch.

We often hear about how our customers deal with poor signal driving up to their cabin. This can be solved with a Travel 4G which will keep you connected as you make the drive through the backroads up to the cabin. Then once there you can use your vehicle as a “hotspot”. You can even use our new OTR Antenna for increased connectivity.

How to Tell if Your Cabin Signal Booster Needs a Directional Antenna

This is a pretty simple question to answer, but it’s not always intuitive for those that don’t understand antennas. Essentially if you have poor signal outside you’re best off with a directional antenna instead of the typical omnidirectional antenna. All this really means is that you’ll have to do a few extra steps of installation to make sure your cabin gets the most out of it’s signal booster. Check out our guide for good guidance on how to install your cabin signal booster’s directional antenna.

The Benefits of A HiBoost Cabin Cell Phone Signal Booster

HiBoost makes the best cabin cell phone signal boosters on the market.

Our signal boosters use a broadband technology that enables them to boost all signal on every carrier (AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint) and all of their 2G, 3G, and 4G LTE networks.

The signal boosted affects their talk, text, and data. Providing you clearer calls, improved texting coverage, and faster internet speeds. Meaning you can be just as connected as when you’re still in the city. Check out our full selection of cabin cell phone signal boosters today!

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