Conclusive Proof, Every Business Needs a Cell Phone Signal Booster

What if I told you that the average employee loses around 44 hours per year due to unreliable connection, dropped calls and slow internet. So, if you take the average pay of a worker in the United States, who makes roughly $23.68 per hour and. Multiply that by the number of hours lost per year, which totals out to a little more than $1000.

Between every employee in every company across the United States totals out to $8.6 billion.

That is about $1.8 million per company. And about a week of paid vacation taken right at their desk. Some larger companies might be able to scoff at that amount, but leaving $1.8 million on the table is a huge number, regardless if you are Goldman Sachs or if you run the local five and dime.

Now all these numbers might look a little made up, but this is bonafide research done by SignalBoosters and Coleman Parks Research. Below we are going to provide a brief synopsis of their report and tell you exactly what they concluded, businesses with signal boosters are more profitable and productive.

The Impact of Poor Connectivity

Being able to communicate is crucial for companies. Especially, if they rely on receiving a large percentage of in-house revenue from departments such as marketing, purchasing, and operations.

But, the impact of poor connectivity has a larger impact on a company. The revenue is just the tip of the iceberg.

Productivity is the first to be affected by poor cellular connectivity. A staggering 8 out of 10 companies acknowledge the possibility, in which they could lose potential business to calls being dropped and do not have any access to the internet.

82% of companies suffered from constant dropped calls or spotty internet service.

The Solution is a Signal Booster

While the majority of signal boosters vary in form over the space of several different signal booster companies. The underlying goal is still the same: to ensure a strong, quality signal and increase coverage inside the building for all users.

25% of all companies in the United States claim to have sought and installed a cell phone signal booster to increase cell reception. From the data, it looks like a major issue within the companies was the struggle with calls being dropped mid-conversation.

HiBoost is Here to Boost Your Bars

According to SignalBooster’s research HiBoost currently ranks in the TOP FIVE of cell signal boosters in the United States. A HiBoost cell phone signal booster is a surefire way to ensure that your business stays connected. Boost your bars with HiBoost today!

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