12 Tricks to Boost Your Cell Phone Battery

Hi HiBoost friends. Cell phones and smart devices help us stay connected and organized on the daily, but all that technology is just a fancy paperweight without the battery. HiBoost knows you need to stay connected; it’s our business! As you may be aware, we’re pretty passionate about boosting bars, but improving your signal doesn’t help you very much if your battery is constantly dying, amirite? Here’s a little guide full of tips and tricks to help you prolong your battery life on your smartphone and help prevent battery burnout.

Don’t sweat it, HiBoost has you covered. 

The days of a single charge lasting for days are long over. My first phone was over an inch thick and definitely not pocket friendly. My iPhone 6S is a lot smarter and sleeker but has far less stamina. These days I’m happy if I only have to charge mine twice a day. The difference is pretty much summed up like this:

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I don’t think most of us are going to go back to the 2G Dark Ages anytime soon (how would I send my friends silly .gifs?), so let’s get to work on that low battery thing.

1. Test your battery

If you’re using an iPhone, go into Settings > Battery. At the bottom, look at the numbers for Standby and Usage. If they’re close to being the same, you’ve got a problem. Write down the numbers and lock your phone. If you check back in 5 minutes and your Standby time has increased by 5 minutes, you’re good. But if your Usage has gone up, you’ve got a problem. You’ll need to discover what’s being such a drain on your battery. On Android, this will be either Settings > Battery or under Settings > Device > Battery. “Device Idle” is the same as standby mode.

On an iPhone, you go here.

2. Check Your Apps

In order to ascertain which apps may be your energy vampire, go to Settings > Battery again see which apps are sucking the life out of your battery. As you can see on mine, Facebook Messenger used up a fair bit. GPS is a big culprit as well, as I always use Google Maps on my commute to help me avoid major slow downs on my way to work. Streaming music apps and social media are big energy violators as they constantly update in order to keep you on top of everything, so try turning those off as well. Look up Settings > General > Background App Refresh to fix this.

Percentage of battery usage by apps on my iPhone








3. Shorten Your Timeout Time

In your phone’s settings, you should be able to find “Screen Timeout” or something similar. On an iPhone, this will be under Display & Brightness > Auto-Lock. Making this as short as possible will keep your big, bright screen from sucking the life out of your battery.

4. Dim Your Display

Speaking of your big, bright screen, if your phone’s display is up on full brightness you may want to fix that ASAP. Keeping the brightness up to 100% is a huge power sucker. Try keeping it at 50%. Bonus: your sleep schedule will thank you by not exposing your eyes to bright blue light before bed that can contribute to sleep cycle disruptions. This tip is probably the easiest one to help boost your battery life.

5. Turn off Bluetooth and Wi-Fi

Leaving your Wi-Fi and Bluetooth turned on in areas you aren’t using it contributes to the drain on your battery. Turning these off when you don’t need them can help extend your battery life up to an hour or more. Just make it a habit to turn it back on when you need it, like making it part of your buckling up routine before driving in your car to make sure you stay hands-free. For Wi-Fi, simply turn it back on in your home or office. Otherwise, there’s no real need to keep it on while you’re out running errands. However, when it comes to location services, turning your Wi-Fi on can help you get better directions and still use less power.

6. Turn off Location Services and GPS

Stop monitoring your location in the background. Turn off permissions for access to location sharing, SD cards, and the camera in apps you don’t use for those purposes.

7. Stop Using Vibrate

Hey, at HiBoost we’re all about good vibes, but not if they’re draining the life out of your battery. What a drag. Vibration uses a lot more energy to make your whole phone shake as opposed to a little ring tone. For times you need silence, try just turning your notifications off and keep your phone nearby so you can see any necessary alerts.

8. Turn Off Notifications You Don’t Need

All those little pings during the day, are they really that important? The constant interruption can be very distracting and detrimental to your productivity. All those pinging notifications use up energy too. (During the work day, I personally turn off everything except phone calls, texts, and work-related apps, and check in on personal social media at designated break times. This way I manage my workflow better and am much more productive than when I had them all on.)

9. Turn Off Your E-mail

Allowing your e-mail apps to constantly ping for new notifications puts a massive drain on your phone’s battery level. If you work with a computer daily, chances are you don’t need this service on. If you don’t need to be instantly available, trying changing your settings in your email to make your phone check for new ones less often; this can include every thirty minutes to an hour, or even longer if your business isn’t urgent. Go into Settings > Accounts & Passwords > Fetch New Data and turn it off or change the time settings for how often your email updates. On an Android phone, you’ll find this under Settings > Apps to change individual apps’ push notification settings.  

10. Turn on Power-Saving Mode

In your manufacturer’s settings, you should be able to find an option to turn on a battery-saving mode. For iPhones you can access this under Settings > Battery or Settings > Control Center for Androids you can access this under Apps > Settings > Battery. This setting prevents your phone from constantly updating apps, dims the screen slightly, turns off vibrations, and other energy-draining processes. It also reduces the amount of things you can do on your phone drastically such as preventing you from accessing most apps. Doing this does help your phone last longer on a single charge so your battery doesn’t do this:

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11. Stop Using That Cheap Charger

We’ve all been there; your cord has frayed, broken, gotten lost, or is otherwise not usable, so you break down and buy the cheap one from the gas station or whathaveyou. This is fine in a pinch, but the problem is that unapproved charging cables often times give your battery too much juice at once, at the expense of your battery’s longevity. These can often overheat your battery and cause damage over time. (The same is true of portable cell phone chargers, which are meant to be used in emergencies, not as a replacement for an actual charger and cable.) It’s lot like putting unleaded gas into a high-end sports car that needs Super Premium or trying to bulk up your muscles but only eating hamburgers off the value menu. Your phone needs just the right amount of energy in the right amounts. Only buy officially approved chargers for your phone and save yourself the higher cost of replacing your phone sooner rather than later.

12. Buy a cell phone signal booster from HiBoost

Sure, you know we’re all about Boosting Your Bars, but did you know that a cell phone signal booster helps save your battery life? It’s true! When your phone has to work harder to ping a tower that’s far away or otherwise obstructed, it uses up more battery life. Our boosters amplify your sent and received signal, making it easier for your phone to work properly. If poor signal inside your car, home, or workplace is part of what’s making you reach for your charger over and over, consider checking out our line of boosters, or contact us for more information. Users report that their mobile devices save up to 60% more battery when being boosted by our HiBoost signal boosters. 


Bonus Tip: Your phone is an electronic device (duh), and that means it really prefers being at room temperature. Don’t let your phone get too hot or too cold to keep its components operating at their best, which includes not leaving it in the car if it’s hot or cold out.

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